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Water sample analysis:

- Arsenic concentration
- Copper concentration
- Zinc & Nickel concentration
- Cadmium levels

Biological samples:

- Total protein concentration
- RNA/DNA concentration
- Designated spectrophotometric

Research Areas

- Toxicology
- Energy Sciences
- Pollution dynamics
- Water pollution circulation
- Life cycle of pollutants
- Heavy Metals
- Molecular interactions
- Environmental remediation
- Waste management
- Exotic Materials



Fjordforsk A.S. Midtun, 6894 Vangsnes, Norway. 911659654 |

Contact information


6894 Vangsnes

Ph: +47 576 95 621
Fax: +47 576 95 621
Cell: +47 401 76 707


Org. nr: NO 911659654 VAT

To obtain a copy of the annuals from 2013 to 2015 contact via email. To acces the public financial profile click here.



Board members:

A.M. Manzetti, C. Manzetti, S. Manzetti.

Board representative:

S. Manzetti


Company structure

Fjordforsk A/S is a private research institute, registered as a Norwegian stock company. The manager is Sergio Manzetti, who leads a series of collaborations with other international scientists. See projects and publications for more information. Fjordforsk A/S is also a partner to EU ERASMUS training program for post-graduate education. Fjordforsk A/S receives (and has received) partial support from the following Norwegian and European research-funding bodies:



Scientific community

Fjordforsk A/S is also a contributor and referee at the American Chemical Society, contributor at the Royal Society of Chemistry and member at the IEEE.
















27 Okt.: Review on biochemical effects from exhaust emissions published in Pathophysiology. Read more

8th Sept.: New study on the binding of pollutants to human proteins published at the American Chemical Society. Read more

20 Jun.: New article on the process of nanoparticle-formation in bioethanol fuel blends. A computational study published in Fuel. Read more

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